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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Is that really David Copperfield? Wow he only looks 20 now.

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Vargoyle’s Comments:

Well looks like the search is over. David Copperfield has found the fountain of youth. He says it’s on one of his islands in the Exuma chain. He says if you drop a dead leaf in the water it will turn green again and look alive. I think I want some more tests done before I believe him though. Copperfield turns 50 next month but I guess we’ll never know that because he will only look 20 by the next time we see him on TV doing his magic.

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Wow, leave it to Copperfield to "find" the fountain of youth. I only wonder if this isn't some attempt to get back on top of the magic ranks. David Blane and that Chris Angel (not sure of his name) are definitely entertaining people and he's been out of the limelight for some time now...

By Blogger dieselheffa, at 8:20 AM  

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