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Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Snake on a Train" Coming to a theater near you!

Read This First

Vargoyle’s Comments:

You know I’ve been seeing the trailers for the new movie “Snake on a Plane” and it seemed like it would have a very boring plot. The news article is a real life snake on a train. It got loose and went into the walls of the car and wont come out. Now the car has been put out of service. The reason I thought the “Snake on a Plane” plot was boring is there isn’t much to go with other than there are snakes loose on a plane and then scared people go crazy. All Hollywood drama. Overall snakes don’t attak people unless they are cornered and I just think they would try and hide away from the people in the cargo hold most likely. That would be boring! They really need to come with some new ideas for scary movies because this doesn’t cut the cake.

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My thoughts exactly vargoyle, and also couldn't they come up with a better name than 'snake on a plane'?

Air anacondas, or sky serpants, my friend and i had other better names but can't think of em, but snake on a plane, that's just stoopid.

By Blogger funne girly, at 10:15 PM  

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